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Sherri Crowley


Your friendly, compassionate, no-bullsh*t therapist

When faced with stress, it's common to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Whether it's the demands of work, struggles with ADHD, navigating the postpartum experience, parenting in general, or managing substance use concerns or living sober, it can feel like your own mind is working against you. Even positive changes can stir up feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.


Beneath the surface, there are stories we carry about ourselves, along with coping mechanisms which may no longer serve us.


The good news is, there is hope for healing and growth!  If you don't have the faith in this or yourself, you are welcome to borrow mine for awhile.

Let me ask you: A year from now, we are looking back on today, what has to happen personally and professionally for you to be happy with your progress? What is different?


Let's Get you There

I specialize in blending solution-focused techniques, cognitive behavioral approaches, and coaching with mindfulness and mind-body practices. This holistic approach ensures that the positive changes we cultivate lead you to lasting transformation. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective to untangle the complexities of life. You’ve got all of the resources inside you. I’m excited to help you access them, find greater clarity and fulfillment, and reclaim joy in your life.

Services, Fees, and Payment

  • 45 min. session: $200

  • 1 hr session: $250

  • Eco-therapy (walk and talk, outside, in nature):  meeting somewhere greater than 15 mins drive from my location in Newton, MA: +$25

Group Therapy

Please inquire about Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers and ADHD mom support groups running at various times throughout the year 

Other Offers

Clinical Supervision for LCSW's


Consulting and Speaking

Click here to read about your entitlement to a Good Faith Estimate for services.


Contact Me

Please CLICK HERE to book your free 15 min. consultation call or contact me below:

ph: 617-454-4683

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