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Guess what? 

Your job is not the actual cause of your burnout.

Your partner, your parents , your kids, or your new baby - also not the actual cause of your burnout.

So what is the cause?  Most often some combination of: 

  • Your feelings of lack of autonomy, control, or choice in life / work / etc.

  • Your unhealed patterns from childhood, which have lead you to a lifetime pattern of people pleasing, poor boundary setting.

  • You lack of support and/or community.

  • Your conflicting values with your place of work, your partner, or being out of alignment with your own values.


And your burnout symptoms are affecting your whole self, not just your mind. That's why you have no energy, or all of your autoimmune issues are flaring up, and you are checked out, or crying, or irritable and restless all the time these days.  So we have to heal your whole self.

This is the reason I start work with burnt out people with the mind-body piece.  This mind-body work is the part that will help you regulate your nervous system.  Which will help you to relax a bit.  Which will help you to be able to get creative and form new habits, because your current habits are producing negative outcomes for you.  Maybe you even think you are undisciplined.  It's not discipline, its that your habits are f*d up, they are the wrong ones - they are leading you away from your goals, and recovery.

I promise we can get you feeling better. It won't be immediate. It will take some work on your part. And I will be here to support you throughout.

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