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Pregnancy and Postpartum

postpartum anxiety, bedrest, pregnancy, motherhood

So here you are, with your new little bundle of joy and you are feeling anything but joyous.  In fact, you might feel awful.  Maybe you are having thoughts you are ashamed of or scary images are coming to your mind.  You could be obsessing about SIDS (or anything else) to the point of complete sleeplessness. Or perhaps this is the first time in your life you have experienced depression or anxiety.


And how about pregnancy itself?  While I hope you are / were one of the few lucky women who love and truly enjoy being pregnant, many of us are not.  Maybe you had a really hard time getting pregnant to begin with? Maybe you had issues in your life unrelated to pregnancy that are now coming to the surface as you prepare to welcome your child into the world. Maybe you have a high risk pregnancy and are stuck on bedrest. Perhaps you are pregnant again after a past pregnancy loss...


Whatever brought you here to this page, I'm so happy you are here.  We can connect. You are not alone.


* please see my resources page for more information and links around pregnancy and postpartum mental health issues, including possible symptoms lists, and links to complementary service providers


How Can I Help?


Individual therapy and counseling

*note: if you are currently pregnant and stuck on bedrest, I may be able to see you in person at the hospital or at your home (to be discussed further on a case by case basis).

Group therapy

I can connect you to some wonderful postpartum group resources and facilitators.

Advocacy and Psychoeducation

I offer education and training about perinatal mental health and postpartum mental health to other practitioners and outside groups.  I am happy to come to your office or support group.  Please contact me for more details.

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